Churchill, Victoria

“Luke Hunt has produced an excellent piece of journalism that is a must read for anyone interested in Asia.”

Michael Parer — Churchill, Victoria, Australia.

Recent Comments From Readers

“It was Terrific! The best read on the Vietnam war. It held my interest from the first chapter! I found the journalistic perspective to be a refreshing perspective on a long and complicated war. It should be required reading for anyone whose taking a study of that period.”

Diane Holbrook — Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

“It is a great book. The scope and detail is amazing. It opened my eyes to the complexity of the whole Indo China history, from the colonisation of the French, through the struggles for independence after the First World War and then again after the Second World War. The self determination of the Vietnamese was the last thing on the mind of the major combatants of the World Wars.

“Your work is must read for all young journalists on what it means to be a foreign correspondent. Your explanation of how the wire system worked, and the press agencies, and the proprietary newspapers and magazines all differ in what and how they write stuff was enlightening.”

Bob Hayes — Melbourne, Australia.

Paddington, N.S.W.

Lawrence Deushane, retired American living in Sydney. Lawrence is a former US paratrooper, black ops specialist and merchant mariner from the Vietnam war era who spent the later part of his working life as a journalist and photographer in Australia.


SPY vs SPY — Pardoned in Cambodia of espionage Australian film maker James Ricketson with a copy of the Punji Trap in Sydney.

“A ripping good yarn (about real spy 😊) told by top notch journalist Luke Hunt. Contact Luke to buy a copy. Strongly recommended.”



Pub intellectuals and a chat in Melbourne. From left to Right; Rod McKinnon,  Bernie Esser, John Dooley and Rodney Riley with copies of the Punji Trap.