Berlin, Germany

Luke Hunt, author of the Punji Trap, appears in Fraternal Brother at a preview in Berlin. Schedule for release in April 2025 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. Fraternal Brother is produced by Nico Mesterharm and details the lives of those who remained behind after the Khmer Rouge seized control of Phnom Penh. Photo by David Brown.

Tim Page Wake

Journalist Luke Hunt and film maker Nico Mesterharm remember veteran Vietnam War photographer Tim Page during a wake held at Meta House in Phnom Penh shortly after his death in August 2022.

Reviewed in Magical Cambodia

Long before arriving in Cambodia, I was reading whatever I could find from the journalist Luke Hunt, the Southeast Asian Correspondent and author who has covered so many of the challenging issues and events in the area. Hailing from Australia, Hunt has been frequently living in Cambodia since 2000. He began his Khmer encounters in the early 1990s as a reporter in Saigon following the Khmer Rouge’s kidnapping and murder of three Western backpackers.

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Khmer Sight Foundation

Thierry De Roland Peel sold many a copy of my book the Punji Trap to raise money for the Khmer Sight Foundation and that’s me handing the money over to Lois Joy Evans recently at The Exchange in Phnom Penh during an exhibition, which we do every third Thursday of the month. Next to her is chief ophthalmologist Dr Mukesh Taneja and Oso Kuma, among others. B&W by Steve Porte and color byJeff Perigois, who had some fantastic shots exhibited.

Churchill, Victoria

“Luke Hunt has produced an excellent piece of journalism that is a must read for anyone interested in Asia.”

Michael Parer — Churchill, Victoria, Australia.

Paddington, N.S.W.

Lawrence Deushane, retired American living in Sydney. Lawrence is a former US paratrooper, black ops specialist and merchant mariner from the Vietnam war era who spent the later part of his working life as a journalist and photographer in Australia.