Phnom Penh Book Launch

The Punji Trap was officially launched on January 24, 2018, at Meta House in Phnom Penh with more than 100 people attending. Journalist and videographer Craig Skehan hosted the event and former Saigon Reuters bureau chief Jim Pringle gave a telling talk about the Tet Offensive, which erupted at the end of January, 1968, and turned the tide of public opinion against the Vietnam War.


Author’s note: Blurbs and praise for the Punji Trap were written on behalf of the reviewer and not the publication they work for. It is common practice, and a courtesy, in publishing for a reviewer and the author to list who they work for. To do so should not be interpreted as an official endorsement from their publisher as that would require the incorporation of an official logo from the company making such an endorsement. The initial reaction from readers of the Punji Trap has been terrific, as such a second print run is anticipated soon with updated reviews for the cover.

Straight From The Printers

Photo: Jim Pringle, legendary correspondent and Reuters bureau chief in Saigon during the 1968 Tet Offensive, with the author (and a celebratory drink) on the day the Punji Trap is delivered from the printers. Image by Milly Pringle.